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Electrifying Behavioural Training for Marauding Seagulls!

Electric Ice Cream

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In lots of places, gulls grab food from people and the problem is getting worse. It can be particularly bad in seaside towns in the breeding season. Gulls are intelligent creatures, so the habit spreads quickly as they learn from each other. Although aimed at getting a free meal, these “attacks” often result in injuries to people, particularly children, at the height of the tourist season when medical facilities are already busy.
Injuries result in public liability claims, complaints from tourists and traders, and rising demands for gulls to be killed, their eggs taken or oiled, and their nests destroyed. It’s no good telling people not to feed gulls – the gulls already know how to mug for food. Nor is it much use telling tourists on a beach to eat indoors. The biggest problem is that herring gulls are a protected species, so any action taken against them should start with non-lethal methods.

And here is Evil Ice Cream, the only effective non-lethal method of deterring gulls. It looks like an ice cream being carried but delivers an electric shock when grabbed by a gull.

It teaches a lesson and gulls quickly learn to avoid carried ice creams. Inexpensive, safe and easy to use, it runs off two little AA batteries. The biggest advantage is that it only affects naughty gulls – it doesn’t affect any other gulls or any other wildlife.

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