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Data Protection & Privacy

We do not hold any bank details or other financial information about customers. We do not make use of cookies nor do we track individual customers’ movements on site. We hold a copy of each sale including a photograph of the order prior to despatch together with the name and address of private customers for a limited period as required by PayPal, company regulations and to enable any subsequent queries to be sorted out. This sales information is only available to permitted officers and staff and accessed only in the event of a query by the customer.
After two years, all private customer details will be destroyed. We may keep unidentifiable sales totals for production and planning purposes. We hold the details of sales to commercial and institutional customers for a period of two years to enable repeat transactions or facilitate enquiries. After two years, such customer details will be destroyed. We may keep unidentifiable sales totals for production and planning purposes.

Where a customer claims for a non-delivery or damaged delivery and we have proof of posting or courier collection and or when it has been signed for, the customer name and address and details of the sale and method of delivery of that transaction may be entered into our confidential watch list in order to identify problem delivery destinations. Our watch list does not attach any significant meaning to entries on that list other than the possibility that there may be a problem with deliveries to that foreign or domestic customer or address or by that delivery method to that name or address or country. We maintain a confidential watch list only to reduce waste and the associated costs that all our customers must eventually pay for. We reserve the right at our discretion to decline further orders emanating from entries on our watch list without giving any reason. Our watch list is not shared with any other third party and is confidential to our officers and staff concerned with orders and deliveries. Individual entries on the watch list may however be shared with the post office or carrier concerned in attending to queries, or upon demand, with the police, revenue or fraud or other authorised bodies. Information on the watch list will be destroyed after two years.

Other than our watch list and excepting those details necessary to enable normal business with PayPal or carriers, we do not share or provide any customer details of any kind to any third party whatsoever. We do not send unsolicited literature of any kind to customers.