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By using this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions:-

You must be 18 years or more to buy Evil Ice Cream stuff. You won’t use an Evil Ice Cream in a way that is illegal or would damage us or anyone else. We are not responsible for post office or courier failures. Details below:


The contents of this website are the copyright of unless otherwise noted. You are granted a limited licence to access this website only in order to read and learn more about Evil Ice Cream and to make a purchase. Any other use requires written permission from and shall be without prejudice at Evil Ice Cream’s sole discretion. Journalists and publishers may copy a limited and reasonable portion of the website content and add the acknowledgement “©®” for use unaltered in a fair review or fair publicity article.


You must be 18 years or older to purchase an Evil Ice Cream product. All items and prices are displayed on an E & OE basis. By purchasing an Evil Ice Cream, you agree that you have read the instructions for use and other material on the website and that you understand the suitable, legal use and safe operation of an Evil Ice Cream and that you will use it only in a suitable, safe and legal manner. You further agree that you will not hold Evil Ice Cream or any of its officers or employees liable for any damages whatsoever direct or consequential as a result of your purchase or use of an Evil Ice Cream and that you will indemnify Evil Ice Cream and its officers and employees against any such damages however caused. You agree that it is a condition of purchase that you will not use an Evil Ice Cream for any use where such a use would be reckless or prohibited by local law or custom.

All purchased items remain the property of until fully paid for. You agree that Evil Ice Creams are sold ex works. Where postage or carriage is included in the calculation of selling and delivery price, you agree that EvilIceCream collects such postage or carriage charge from you and uses it to purchase necessary postage or carriage on your behalf as agent. You agree that the delivery responsibility of EvilIceCream as seller will end with proof of delivery to a post office or courier plus a copy of any delivery signatures if available. You agree that you will be responsible for chasing up any non-delivery of any EvilIceCream product once you have been provided with proof of delivery by EvilIceCream to a post office or courier plus any delivery signature that might be available. EvilIceCream may chase up problems with the post office or courier on your behalf at its own discretion. You further agree that in the event of your claiming non-delivery your name and address may be entered onto a blameless watch list held by the company solely in order to identify problem delivery addresses regardless of cause. Import duties or taxes that may be levied in buyer’s countries are the responsibility of the buyer – EvilIceCream does not include import duties and taxes in prices.

All items on the website are offers to treat and EvilIceCream reserves the right to decline any offers to purchase at any time at its own discretion without explanation and will return any monies paid.
Evil Ice Creams are handmade in a craft workshop in West Cornwall. Some of the components are imported and all imported components are CE rated. We keep stocks of Evil Ice Creams in Cornwall and while we try to send out purchases by the following working day after payment, you agree that there might be short delays during busy periods due to import problems or the handmade nature of some components and the individual assembly and testing required. Evil Ice Cream will always advise customers about any expected delays.

Evil Ice Creams face the possibility of attack by large gulls, in salty and sandy environments close to the sea, all difficult environments for electronics. We offer a 90 day repair or replace warranty from the day of purchase. Replacements will carry the 90 day warranty only to its original expiry date. You agree that the laws of England shall apply to any transactions and you agree that any case or dispute may be arbitrated or heard in the County Court of Truro, Cornwall, England. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect your statutory rights and the precedence of your statutory rights in any one part shall not affect EvilIceCream’s terms and conditions in any other part herein.

Our address for service is:

Evil Ice Cream,
P.O.Box 97,
TR27 9AW.
United Kingdom.

We are a small business. We have to have annoying terms and conditions for our protection from the few dishonest rodents who increase costs for everybody. In reality, most people will find us friendly, helpful and keen to be of service.
If you have any further questions, please contact us